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In The Spotlight

Dressing the Green Salad with Fresh Innovations

By One Expert PH | Nov 25, 2016

In 2009, Jonie approached DOST looking for technologies that would protect the crop from the freezing cold that spreads in the open 1,300 square meter area. He got what he was looking for and more.


Through SETUP, the Green Salad Farm was able to improve its production of different varieties of lettuce. The greenhouse technology enabled the farm to produce enough romaine lettuce for its institutional market, the DOLE Philippines, Live Green International, Mountaineers Trading, Daisy’s Trading, Green Crops Trading, Cheryl’s Trading, and Isla Trinidad Vegies. Further, Jonie has adopted the protected from climatic changes and adverse weather conditions these include innovations such as drip irrigation, wind breaker system, aeration system of the greenhouse, and production programming to ensure a year-round supply of crops.

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