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Roselyn Usero - Conquering Aquaculture's Important Challenges

The best reward is felt in the heart when you can see the happy faces of the pond aides, technicians and the growers

By One Expert PH | July 08, 2016

The present manager and laboratory head of the Negros Prawn Producers Cooperative has tread the halls of the company for 27 years. She noted that managing the laboratory operations to serve the aquaculture industry specifically shrimps has had the Coop realized to widen the services to other industries as well to maximize the use of the mostly government donated equipment.


She recalls the glooms, the dark clouds and inspiring, dynamic moments that molded her and the company throughout the decades.

Roselyn Usero has been providing technical consultancy in aquaculture since 1989 and rose to manager, laboratory head and technical consultant for the sector. Her background in Chemistry and Master’s in Environmental Engineering has given her a broad base from which to approach many concerns from the industry.

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