Charles Feb Palla

Resource Person

Industry Expertise

  1. Food Processing
    Specialized on Dehydration of fruits, root crop, and vegetables. Fruit and vegetable Processing Smoked and Dried Fish processing
  2. Food Safety
    Conducts seminar/training on cGMP, Food Safety, and HACCP ServSafe Certified Food Protection Manager Passed SGS HACCP certification course

Scientific Discipline

Food Technology

Related Consultants

John Sedonio

Food Technology

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building DOST-RO6
Quality Assurance

Monitoring product food quality as well as designing and correcting operations to safeguard product food quality.

Jan Roland Molina

Food Technology

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building DOST-NCR
Food Safety

Food Safety controls and prevents unintentional contamination in food (which includes microbiological, chemical, and physical hazards).

Food Innovation and Product Design

Holistic and cross-disciplinary approach: from initial conception through prototypes to consumption, from raw materials to packaged goods.

Alvin Erick Bales

Food Technology

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building DOST-RO6
Food Quality and Safety

Quality Assessment of food products

Business Planning of Food Products

Business Planning, Feasibility and marketing studies of newly developed food products.

Food Processing Operations

Food Processing operations including the standardization, time and motion studies in thermal processing, drying, and poultry processing operations.

Adrian Alumbro

Food Technology

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building DOST-RO6
Food Product Development and Process Standardization

Assist MSMEs in solving technical issues related to food product development.

Department of Science and Technology Gen. Santos Avenue Bicutan, Taguig City Metro Manila Philippines

Department of Science and Technology Regional Office 6, Magsaysay Village, La Paz, Iloilo City, Iloilo 5000, Philippines

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