Wilma De Los Santos

Resource Person

Industry Expertise

  1. Disaster Risk Reduction and Management
    Includes disciplines like disaster management, disaster mitigation and disaster preparedness, and also part of sustainable development.
  2. Environmental conservation and protection
    Includes information education and communication campaigns related to solid waste management.
  3. Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation
    Climate smart and resilient community, agricultural adaptation to climate change and activities to mitigate climate change. National Adaptation Plans

Scientific Discipline

Environmental Science




Mangrove Conservation

Mangrove Conservation/Advocacy

Organic & Naturally-Farmed Vegetables, Fruits & Herbs

Agricultural Engineering

Organic Farming

Related Consultants

Charlotte Jennifer Calonge

Environmental Science

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building DOST-NCR
Environmental Impact Assessment

conduct of surveys to collect baseline environmental conditions, predict impacts of projects, assess impacts and develop mitigating measure

Cleaner Production Assessment

identification of sources of wastes, analysis of processes/operations and generation of options for improved productivity and reduced waste generation

Capacity building on environmental management

trainings/workshops on cleaner production, environmental management and waste management

Michael Dela Cruz


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building DOST-RO5
Technology-based Enterprise/Project Development

Technology needs assessment, project proposal packaging, project management and evaluation

Maria France De Vergara


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building NRCP
Fish Processing Technology

Different processes involving fish processing, product development, and value addition.

Roger Jay De Vela

Agricultural Engineering

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building NRCP
Waste Gas Treatment, Wastewater Treatment, Crop Processing Operations, Project Development and Management, Organizational Planning

Use of Biotrickling Filter and Biofilter for Waste Gas and Odor Control, Use of Anaerobic Membrane Bioreactor for Wastewater Treatment

Department of Science and Technology Gen. Santos Avenue Bicutan, Taguig City Metro Manila Philippines


Department of Science and Technology Regional Office 6, Magsaysay Village, La Paz, Iloilo City, Iloilo 5000, Philippines

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