S&T experts for you - anywhere you are in the Philippines, whatever your needs may be.


One Expert is an interactive web-based nationwide pool of S&T experts intended to provide technical advise and consultancy services to Filipinos anywhere they are in the Philippines.

OneExpert is intended to improve access to experts and technologies particularly by people living outside of the major urban centers where most research and technical institutions are located. In the same manner, One Expert will likewise bring the services of any accredited expert located anywhere in the Philippines to clients that need S&T assistance.

OneExpert seeks to achieve the following:

  • Establish a nation-wide network of S&T experts.
  • Significantly improve access to experts and technologies.
  • Encourage involvement of local scientists, researchers, engineers, inventors and other technical people from both the public and private sectors in addressing S&T problems of the country.
  • Encourage information and knowledge sharing among local scientists and researchers.
  • Enhance the use of ICT in the delivery of government programs, projects and services.

OneExpert has the following features:

  • Database of experts searchable by field of expertise, institution and location
  • Interaction with S&T experts through private messaging, wall posts and videoconferencing through existing third party applications
  • Link to a searchable technology database through DOST-STII STARBOOKS
  • Information about various DOST Consultancy Programs
  • Forum where users can post questions and/or answers to existing threads, organized under specific categories

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