Richard Ayuyang
DOST Technical Staff
Resource Person
Consultancy Programs:
Manufacturing Productivity Extension (MPEX) Program
Food Safety Consultancy Program
Energy Audit Program
Cleaner Production (CP) Assessment Program
Consultancy For Agricultural Productivity Enhancement (CAPE) Program
Packaging and Labelling Assistance Program
Consultancy For Agricultural And Manufacturing Productivity Improvement (CAMPI) Program
Industry Expertise
Network Management, Server Administration (Linux), System Management and Administration
Network Management includes firewall and routing configuration using Mikrotik to protect servers from unauthorized access.
e-Learning using MOODLE
Published a research on using MOODLE titled:Interactive Learning (iLEARN) Tool: An eLearning Portal Designed Using MOODLE for Cagayan State University
Scientific Discipline
IT - Hardware
Networking Solutions
Database System, IT Research Development, Software Development
ELearning and Educational Technologies
IT infrastructure Design and implementation

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