Omar Butlangan
DOST Technical Staff
Resource Person
Consultancy Programs:
Manufacturing Productivity Extension (MPEX) Program
Food Safety Consultancy Program
Energy Audit Program
Cleaner Production (CP) Assessment Program
Consultancy For Agricultural Productivity Enhancement (CAPE) Program
Packaging and Labelling Assistance Program
Consultancy For Agricultural And Manufacturing Productivity Improvement (CAMPI) Program
Industry Expertise
Halal Science
Halal Concepts and Principles, and Halal Assurance Management System.
Food and Nutrition
Provides training in Food and Nutrition in a variety of practice settings (R.A. 10862)
Basic Occupational Health and Safety (Safety Officer I)
Basic concepts & principles of occupational safety & health (OSH)
Scientific Discipline
Nutrition and Dietetics

Full profile includes expert’s Affiliations, Accreditations with DOST Consultancy Programs, Resource Person Program Application, Work and Education, Projects Handled, Trainings Conducted, Publications, Honors / Awards