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Consultants for Cacao Farms

Consultancy     |     DOST - RO5     |     2019-09-04     |    
Request Description

DOST V is looking for consultants who has expertise on Cacao. We have 6 local cacao farms in Masbate with a total estimated area of 15.1 hectares in need of technical assistance. Farms: 1. Mariflor Valley Farm - 2 hectares 2. Bonifacio Dugan Farm - 3 hectares 3. Dassie Farm - 1.5 hectares 4. Buboy Bitchie Cacao Farm - 2 hectares 5. E.A Gigante Cacao & Coffee Farm - 4 hectares 6. Briones Cacao Farm - 2.6 hectares Technical problems: 1. Low production 2. Contamination 3. Slow growth of trees 4. Low quality of seedlings 5. Adverse effect of drought 6. Pest Infestation 7. Lack of knowledge in crop management resulting to low productivity 8. Harvest and post-harvest

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Cacao Farmers



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